Breaking Camp

Travelling woman with backpack looking an inspiring sunset.

What is all this green stuff??? Colors hurt my eyes!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is high time to make the announcement. The Wolf Camp will be de-camping from the sepia tones of West Texas and moving on to Central Texas…God’s Country… the Hill Country. I have very much enjoyed my time in here and the people whom I have had the pleasure to meet these last several years. The only thing I’ve missed is the color green. Or red… or blue… really just colors. And water. Other than that, this place has been wonderful.

I will continue to post here, and I have a feeling that my interests will not change overly much with my new locale. I am still in Tejas, after all!

I will give new contact info just as soon as I have it available. Best wishes to all my friends in the Permian Basin!

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One Response to Breaking Camp

  1. It’s funny you mention the sepia tones, as the mental pictures in my head of Odessa are usually of the sunset, which really cannot be praised enough. You’ll also miss the people and the small town feel. You’ll quickly remember that in the big city of Austin, PEOPLE ARE EVERYWHERE and YOU’RE IN THEIR WAY. Good bye are the days when you’re in line at HEB and someone says, “you can go ahead of me, you only have one or two items.” Now it’s going to be “I WAS FIRST! GAWD!”

    I wish you the best of luck. As you always told me (and I am paraphrasing), the day you leave the Basin starts the countdown to the day you’ll come back, so hasta la vista. I guess I’ll see you back there in another 25 years.

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