Saying Bye to the Hiatus

Man in hat in a hammock on a summer day

Yep… this is totally what the last week looked like for The Wolf Camp. Absolutely accurate.

Greetings, internet denizens… The Wolf Camp is back (and better than ever?)!

Now that I’ve made my way to new digs, I guess it’s time to start anew with the blogging universe.

I’d planned to make a big splash by diving back into the oil markets, but… MAN… have they gone crazy lately. Good time to take a break from forecasting what happens next.

Did the supply problem get resolved? NOPE. Oil production cutbacks from producers? Nuh-uh. Seismic shifts in demand curves in China? (Shakes head.) New monetary policies from key countries that weaken (or strengthen) key currencies? (Shrugs.)

The dollar HAS weakened against other benchmarks… but, like oil, there seems to be no real rhyme or reason why this is happening – other than irrational exuberance and speculation. So, while  I love volatility as much as any other blogger… I think I will bravely run away from this issue until it starts to make “sense” again.

I’ll be back just as soon as I can figure out what my fallback topic is, exactly.

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