Translating for Liberals


Yep… you still have to listen to me. Sorry.

While I intended to forgo policy in order to explore a more philosophical approach to life, the world went crazy on me. Therefore, welcome to the return of the Wolfcamp… which rises from the ashes to correct a failing in current news: my liberal friends still cannot process the election results. I shall now translate for them.

Why am I uniquely qualified to do this? Because I have been (and always will be) an outsider. An economist. A person who observes the world as it is – and largely without judgment. OH… and I have a graduate degree (from the #1 institution in the country, I might add) in public affairs, as well as a degree in law. (Blows raspberry.)

I stand apart because I have questions… probably questions without an answer – but questions that make it difficult for me to be on your team (ask anyone who knows me personally). I often anger my hard-right friends in West Texas (they think I’m a bra-burning hippie) AND my liberal friends in Dark Blue Austin (who expect me to make a Bundy-like raid on a Planned Parenthood facility any time now).

Me? I dunno. Maybe I just like stirring the pot… maybe I was born curious. Maybe I’m just an a-hole. I’ve always bought into Menken’s assertion that, for every problem there is a solution that is clear, simple and wrong. Thus, I tend to add nuance to a discussion – which only serves to make me the enemy those I’m speaking with at the time.

So, without further ado, then, allow me to begin!

Today, CNN reported that 13 of the 16 cabinet positions in the Trump cabinet will be staffed by white men. It was further reported in the same rag that there are no Hispanic members of the cabinet for the first time in 30 years. The implicit assumption (a liberal dog whistle if ever one existed) is that this lack of diversity is emblematic of Trump’s views on race.

Allow me to translate Trumpian Policy into plain English for those hearing said dog whistle:

The implicit assumption that diversity is a goal worth achieving has not been proven. Because there is no ready proof for the benefits of diversity, we should instead engage only those people on the cabinet who are the best qualified to further the policies of the President.

Okay, okay… Remember, I take no position and offer no judgments. Put down the pitchforks and put out the torches. I’m simply a messenger.

Look, Democrats… You lost White Middle America in the last election. You lost by emphasizing women’s rights, gay rights, transgender rights, immigration rights and the rights of foreign economies to develop. Guess what… There are still a WHOLE BUNCH of people in the country who don’t fall into any of those categories. Those people have been SCREAMING at you to pay attention to them. They have asked that you remember that your policy must include them as well.

After being pantsed in front of the entire country, how has the Left responded?

A women’s march on the inauguration with, I kid you not, something called a Pu$%^ hat.

A group of lawyers getting together to obstruct Trumpianism without nominating a single straight white man to leadership in the second largest state in the Union (in every measurable category).

A team dedicated to “flipping” winnable districts whose first order of business was…. A national fight over abortion rights?

An argument over whether John Lewis is a civil rights leader (he is).

All of these are commendable in the sense that they have spurred a renewed focus on civic virtue. All of them are idiotic from the perspective of changing the course of the “rot” affecting the foundations of the Democratic party. Your opponent understands this and has incorporated that world view into his political nominations.

White men in middle America feel disenfranchised. Want a weirder assertion? Those white men are married to women. Those women feel that their husbands have been disenfranchised too. And those women voted… for Trump… and so did their husbands. And, you know what? They STILL occupy a majority role in geographic and electoral footprints.

Dems are confused? They ask how 53% of women voted for Donald Trump? Your answer is encapsulated in the paragraph above.

In short, it’s about INCLUSIVITY stupid. You can’t ONLY have programs, planks and policies to benefit the poor, the gay, the transgender and the rich… at least, you can’t have those programs and win elections. Your party will experience exactly what the Democratic party has experienced for the last two decades – one loss after another in local and state elections, losing both chambers of Congress and, now, losing the White House.

The Left’s goals are noble, in the end… They’ve just forgotten that appealing to the majority is important in a representative democracy.

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