On the Left, Incoherence


Behold, I give you the NEW Democratic platform… Good news, it’s the same as the LAST Democratic platform!

In the last post, I briefly mentioned how many of my friends on the left – while claiming to value inclusiveness – instead tend to value redistribution. That is to say, rather than expanding the pie for everyone to have a slice, many want to take one person’s slice and give it to another – as a sanction for the actions of that person’s father.

This notion is starting to gain traction. See this discussion of the Democratic response to Trump as being a “circular firing squad”, for example. Rather than make the tent larger to include everyone, many liberals wish to take from those who (they feel) benefitted from prior discrimination and give to those whom they have deemed worthy. In other words, take from those with whom they disagree and provide to those who comprise the base.  Or, more accurately, they wish to exclude anyone whose parents or grandparents may have benefitted from the dreamlike 1950’s (which never actually happened).

Down that road be dragons, as they say. It seems that some liberal-minded people, rather than learning a lesson from the election, have instead decided to double down their efforts to exclude members from the “Forbidden Class” (Read: poorish, white males). Scott Adams has a very good piece on how this exclusivity is likely to succeed, which you can read here. (For those who may not know, Scott Adams correctly predicted Trump’s victory… shortly after he announced his campaign – when there were 16 other candidates in the Republican primary.)

If I may paraphrase the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court: the way to stop discrimination is to stop discriminating. If you want to be inclusive, stop excluding. Having a Women’s March in Washington D.C., but castigating a man who suggests a Men’s March is not inclusive. It is, by definition, exclusive. You can say this was not the intent, but the hats say otherwise (no self-respecting man would wear one). The very symbol of the movement is a divisive piece of outerwear.

In a future column, I will stop yelling at the Left for its obvious mistakes and outline steps the Democrats could take, today, to put out the dumpster fire that its policies have become.

Why do I care? Because I think that having at least two functioning parties in a democracy is essential to forwarding the debate. Currently we have one. The other is too old, too rich and too stupid to live.

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  1. Correction: Currently we have none – no functioning parties.

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