Your Party Can’t Be the Wimpy Alternative


I wouldn’t call this guy a wimp.

Yesterday, I discussed a method by which a person so-interested could weaponize the cognitive dissonance many Trump supporters feel about their support of a candidate with possible ties with a former Communist leader.

Briefly today, I’ll point out an obvious tell for when an idea strikes close to truth – the negative response. Once your opponent begins making broad assertions instead of dissecting the argument (“Ludicrous!” “BS!!”  “You’re STUPID!!!” “HARRUMPH!!!”) , you know you’ve hit home. It’s like the boxer who smiles when he realizes a punch just broke a rib… he’s trying to convince the other guy that the punch didn’t hurt.

The comments section to the previous post is a prime example. There are several negative comments, none of which refute the assertions within the post. That’s how you know I was right.

Today, I’ll continue with a strategy to right the ship on the Left (punnery… really?). (Again, I do not personally ascribe to the capital “L” Left or the capital “R” Right… I’m an avowed “C” Centrist.) I mentioned before that I think that many of the ideals that liberal-minded people seek to achieve are, in large part, noble concepts to which we should all strive. Inclusivity of all individuals is absolutely a goal we should seek to achieve. I’ve always tried to adhere to Ian McClaren’s statement “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” Life is just too hard for us all for us to be a-holes to one another.

For example, I do not know – or at least I do not know that I know – anyone who is a transgendered person. By the same token, I begrudge those individuals nothing in their quest for happiness. If they feel more comfortable as a different gender, then that must be an absolute good, right? I’m with President Trump when he says that people can use whatever bathroom they want. What do I care? It is not my (nor certainly the government’s) job to ascribe some moral framework onto another person… I literally know nothing about their journey. I’m too busy trying to keep my own crap together to worry about yours. You do you – whatever form that takes – with my compliments.

The only issue I have with transgender rights in general is that it is not a winning platform for the Left at present. There are simply not enough votes to mine on the subject. Thus, while the Left should seek inclusivity as a noble and aspirational goal, it should not yet build its platform on that foundation. That may one day change (and hopefully will), but to be a functioning party today one cannot rely on it.

By charging headlong into fight after fight over issues like this, the Left has failed to identify an inherent weakness of this current strategy – in many places in this great country, being a Democrat is seen as being “too wimpy” to be a viable option. Thus, many people vote Republican because they don’t want to be pansies. (Adopting pink headwear does not help… stop it!)

How the Party of Jimmy Hoffa’s iron resolve and Lyndon Johnson’s giving his adversaries “the treatment” became the “soft” option is a lesson for another day, but it remains a fact. Unless and until it becomes okay (meaning non-wimpy) to be a Democrat, the Left will have a hard time picking up votes in flyover country.

Thankfully, that gives me fodder for the days to come.

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2 Responses to Your Party Can’t Be the Wimpy Alternative

  1. Anonymous says:

    It makes me laugh at how many of my so called conservative associates praise Trump when he is already abusing executive power in the same way Obama did. I won’t say everything has done has been bad, but I heartily disagree with his methods. So called limited government and free market supporters are suddenly for authoritative measures like the ridiculous border wall and trade tariffs. Also, we are at a point in this country where we are expected to wholly agree with one side or the other. This is not a good thing. Okay, political rant over. Thanks for triggering me Wolfcamp!


  2. Carl Van scotter says:

    I like the way you think people need to stop ringing their hands and figure out what it’s going to take to get people to stop voting against their own interest that is the of the right strategy they convinced people to vote against their own advantage


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