Making Democrats, Step 1: Make it Cool

In  previous columns, I argued that effective persuasion is vital to an effective Democratic movement in flyover country. I then argued that one of the issues affecting the Democratic movement at this time is that, in many places, being Democratic is seen as being “wimpy”.

Today, I illustrate how easy it can be to change that perception. I use my own state of Texas as an example, but it could be (and should be) literally translated to every state. Once the seed is planted that each party has claims to its own “tough guys” then the argument can shift to policy differences. Unless and until that happens, however, arguing policy as the 98-pound weakling will always be unsuccessful.

How simple is it to change perceptions? Look at three (very rough) renderings of billboards that would start to do the trick:

Each one of these images triggers cognitive dissonance, by capturing the cowboy ethos in Texas and coupling with Democratic identity. This is the same thing Republicans do when they cite Ronald Reagan incessantly or film promos shooting guns. It’s the thing that Democrats have failed to do for years, for whatever reason. Each clearly illustrates that tough guys can not only be Democratic, but that they have been Democrats before. By the simplest method possible, it moves the needle.

This is not, of course, a silver bullet – it must have follow up. With that said, I still have more columns I need to fill. 😀

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One Response to Making Democrats, Step 1: Make it Cool

  1. Anonymous says:

    Being a Texan, maybe you will understand why Texas went from Democrat to Republican. Most people think is was race or gender issues. It wasn’t, was Roe v Wade and Education. It was the federal overreach in both areas.
    If you are a lawyer as you claim, you have to admit R v W is a bad legal precedent. It is a jumble of language to get to the decision based on very spurious arguments. The judges in the majority pulled the law out of the air. I am not anti-abortion but pro-life. If you want an abortion it is your choice but it is still murder.
    The ridiculous way public schools are funded. The Robin Hood approach? Do I need to say more?
    Desegregation of the Dallas and Houston ISD’s caused anyone who could to leave and go to the suburbs a my brother was a white student forced to take an hour bus trip to the newly desegregated South Oak Cliff HS. SOC was a safe school when it was all people from the area and 80% black. When people were forced to go miles for school the neighborhoods quit caring about the schools. It wasn’t because of race, it was location. People from the Grove cared about the grove and people from Oak Cliff cared about Oak Cliff and it was the same in each part of Dallas.The same % of blacks and whites moved out to the suburbs. The whites moved north and east while the minorities move south and west. By the time I was in HS the desegregation was old hat but the schools were no longer neighborhood schools and got no support from the community.
    These issues have divided the state more than immigration, crime or highway funding. Even churches in Texas supported the Democrat party until R v W and schools quit being local. Because this coincided with the rise of minority activism, it has been called racism when that wasn’t the case at all.


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